First Time Visit?

We always recommend a sample test for eyelash extensions, Tint, Brows Henna, Lash Lift treatments especially if you have never done before. Please make an appointment for a sample test first. If you are happy withought a sample test, please book a treatment you wish straight away.

We would like to make sure that we can provide services to you. For eyelash extensions, lash lift and henna brows bookings, we will send you a consent form, please send it back before your appointment.

Before your appointment 

1, Please don’t wear any Eye-makeup. It will effect your actual treatment time. 

2, If you wear contact lenses, Please bring your own contact lenses case and solution. We recommend that you take them off during eye treatment procedure.

3, We recommend that no caffeine or computer work a few hours before your appointment to avoid twitchy eyes.

4, Please wash your hair before your appointment if you need to do on same day as your eyes cannot get wet 24 hours after eyelash , lash lift and henna brow application.

5. No stripe lashes for minimum 3-4 days before your appointment.

After your appointment

1, Don’t get your eyes wet for 24 hours.

 (Don't get brows wet if henna brows treatment)

2, Avoid exceed heat such as Sauna, Gym etc.

3, Always Don’t apply Mascara over eyelash extensions. 

 Don’t apply Mascara within 24 hours after lash lift application.

4, Always avoid using Oil based products around your eyes.

(or brows if henna brows treatment)

Make sure you use Oil FREE products such as Oil FREE cleanser.

5, Don’t sleep on your face. 

6, Make sure you wash your eyelashes regularly with eyelash cleansing form which helps your eye hygine and lash retention.

We recommend Our Organic Eyelash cleanser on our online shopping. 

Special Occasions 

If your appointment is for your weddings, holidays and other special occasions, we recommend you book your appointment  3-4 days before your occasions. Just remember that even if you didn't get any reactions for sample test, it doesn't mean 100% guarantee you won't get any reactions on your next appointment.  

However, we guarantee that we will create best design for you. Also, if  you have any issues for any treatments, please contact us immediately as we always do best we can.