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Beaū - your fuel for finesse. Defend your skin against signs of ageing and stay energised for every opportunity. 

Stir into a drink or your favorite food and you’re good to go! 

Reap the rewards of recovery with our newest advanced formula containing 220g of product -  with added New Zealand Marine collagen. 

Beaū has been specifically engineered to help men with: 

Sign of ageing

Muscle repair and recovery

Hair and nail strength

Dull complexions


Joint pain and weak bone strength

Low libido and testosterone



Each serving contains:

Marine Collagen 3035mg

Bovine Collagen 3066mg

Ascorbic Acid 468mg

Blackseed 44mg

Maca 200mg

Activated Charcoal 84mg

Citric Acid 123mg

Mango Flavour


Your natural solution you can trust

QT - Beaū


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