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We are an Award-winning Boutique Beauty salon in Northwood, Christchurch 15 min from the city,
and just 10 min from the Airport.

We guarantee the highest quality of all our products and services and are driven by our long-standing commitment to our customers’ needs. Stop by today and get the personalised attention you deserve.

Lisa Meldrum Lash Boutique Lash &Brow artist


Lisa is a qualified cosmetologist and the owner of Lash Boutique.

 She has been involved with the beauty industry since 2011 and is continuously developing and updating her skills with the latest world beauty trends.
Her passion is making ladies feel and look beautiful. 


  • 2017: Volume Lash: 1st Place Lash NZ 

  • 2018: Lash Lift: 1st Place Winter Wonderland Competition

  • 2018:Male Nude Lash : 3rd Place Winter wonderland Competition

  • 2018: Henna Brow Design : 3rd Place Winter wonderland Competition

  • 2018: Dramatic Volume Expert: 3rd Place Winter wonderland Competition

  • 2018: Classic Lash Expert : 3rd Place Winter wonderland Competition

  • 2019: Classic -Grand Master Lash: 3rd Place UK Super Yacht Competition

  • 2019: Hybrid -Grand Master Lash: 3rd Place UK Super Yacht Competition

  • 2020:Expert Lash Lift: 3rd Place black swan Global eyelash Championship


Sana Lash Boutique  Lash & Brow  artist

Lash Boutique Lash Artist

Sana is an internationally qualified Beauty Therapist. She brings a world of experience from within some of NZ’s high-end salons and she operates to a very high standard. Her care and attention to detail are her specialties.


Sana has been a Lash artist at  Lash Boutique Salon since the end of 2021.


Anna Marketing & Graphics Assistant

Lash Boutique Marketing & Graphics Assistant


Anna has extensive experience in the graphic design sector working for a range of retail brands. She is now a freelance designer based in Christchurch. Anna is very excited to share Lisa and Sana’s artistry with you, via social and digital platforms - so follow our social journey @lashboutiquenz


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