Lash extensions give the wearer longer, fuller lashes with uniformed curl. They are seamless, weightless, clump-free and can last for weeks.A lash enhancement will make you look younger and boost your confidence without having to fuss around with makeup everyday. We suggest that you have your eyelashes maintained or touched up every 2-4 weeks.




Classic Eyelash Extensions

We apply individual eyelash extensions one by one on your natural eyelashes carefully.

There are many varieties of eyelash extensions available.

Natural Set: up to 60 LPE | 45min | $75

  • It's perfect for people who have never done extensions before as a trail.

  • It's perfect for people who like less fullness compared to a full set.

  • It's perfect for people who has small eyes or less number lashes compared to average.

Full Set: up to 80 LPE | 75 min | $100

  • This is the most popular set in Classic lash.

  • It's perfect for people who like more fullness compared to a natural set.

  • It's perfect for people who like to come back for refill around 3-4 week.

Mini Sets (cannot be infilled)

  • 40 LPE | 40 min | $60

Classic refills

2 Week Refill | 30min | $50

3 Week Refill | 40min | $60

4 Week Refill | 50min | $70

Bottom Lashes| 15-20 min | $25

Enhancing your bottom lashes and get them noticed. It takes around 15-20 minutes, depending on your lashes condition.


Volume/Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes are a new technique which is a multiple ultra fine extensions application to  your natural eyelash. Volume lashes are softer, fluffier, lighter and longer lasting. Hybrid is a mix of Classic and Volume lashes 

Volume/Hybrid Natural Set | 75min |$120 

  • Need a touch up after around 2-3weeks

  • It's perfect for people who like light volume

  • It's perfect for people who has small eyes or smaller numbers of eyelashes 

Volume/Hybrid Glamour Set | 1hr 45min |$150

  • Need a touch up after around 3-4 weeks

  • It's perfect for people who like more fuller and volume

Volume/Hybrid refills 

  • 60min Refill | $80

  • 75min Refill | $100




We don't do refills from other salons​ to provide the best result. You have to have 50% lashes left. If not, you need to get a new set . Also After more than 4 weeks, you always  need a new set.

Lash removal | $25/15 min