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First Time Visit?

We always recommend a sample test for eyelash extensions, Tint, Brows Henna, Lash Lift treatments especially if you have never done before. Please make an appointment for a sample test first. If you are happy withought a sample test, please book a treatment you wish straight away.

We would like to make sure that we can provide services to you. For eyelash extensions, lash lift and henna brows bookings, we will send you a consent form, please send it back before your appointment.

Lash lift

Before your appointment 

  1. Please allow 6 weeks before visiting us to avoid any damage from your previous lash lift application. 

  2. ​Don't apply any eye makeup or use eyelash curler before your appointment.

After your appointment 

  1. Do not use strong eye makeup removers for 48 hours as they strip the colour if a tint has been performed. 

  2. Avoid hot steamy showers or sauna for 24 hours after a treatment.

  3. ​Do not wash hair that evening g as shapoo or conditioner, makeup, cream or eye serums on the lashes/eye area/brow over the next 24 hours can encourage the colour to weaken or the lift to relax.

  4. Do not rub or play with the lashes, if any irritation occurs, apply a clean cold wet pad to the area or bathe the eyes with clean and cool water and contact a doctor.


Tropical Resort

Special Occasions 

If your appointment is for your weddings, holidays and other special occasions, we recommend you book your appointment  3-4 days before your occasions. Just remember that even if you didn't get any reactions for sample test, it doesn't mean 100% guarantee you won't get any reactions on your next appointment.  

However, we guarantee that we will create best design for you.

Also, in the unlikely event,  you have any issues from any of our treatments, please contact us immediately.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a patch test and an actual appointment on the same day?

​No. We would recommend a patch test at least 24~48 hours before the treatment to ensure you don't show any reactions or allergies.

Can I wear mascara?

​Yes you can after the first 24 hours. You can apply Ellevate mascara immediately after your lash lift treatment. Products are available at the salon or our online shop. 

I'm allergic to lash extensions adhesive. Can I have a lash lift?

Most of reactions to lash extensions adhesive is caused by contact with skin and through a build up of exposure to Cyanoacrylate (the ingredient found in all lash extensions adhesives). Elleebana's Lash lifting products and adhesive don't contain cyanoacrylate so the chance of a reaction to lash lifting will be slim however a patch test is the best way to determine  if you have sensitivities.

I have eyelash extensions.Can I remove the extensions and lift the lashes in the same day?

The treatment can only be performed after the removal of lash extensions which you had at our salon. 

​If you had damaged lashes from wrong application, lifting damaged lashes might also cause breakage.

In this case, we would recommend you will wait until your natural lashes are recovered. Eyelash serum is a great option to  look after your lashes. You can check products at the salon or our online shop.

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